VLCAM (a.k.a. Vlad Masslove) showed passion for music since early years. He went to a music school and sang in a school choir. A bit later he tried to make his first mixes which were a dance compositions made of known samples from other musicians. That time he understood the music was his vocation. He became a DJ playing in different clubs while simultaneously learning the wisdom of mixing.

In 2009, as an arranger, record and mixing engineer, VLCAM took part in recording of Chris Slanton’s album ‘Online’. Vlad moved to Zagreb, Croatia where together with Chris they prepared album ‘Online’ for releasing. The album was released by indie label Life Cycle Ltd. This experience was very useful for Vlad in his coming to be a musician.

However, Vlad wanted more. Soon, his first album ‘One Must Try’ was released on the same label Life Cycle Limited. VLCAM was an author of all tracks. The album didn’t have much success, though it wasn’t set as an aim, which could be seen from the title. Afterwards, Vlad returned to Moscow where started to prepare material for his new album which should have become a breakthrough. However, for the beginning it was needed to write a powerful song which would be the first single…

In the beginning of 2012 VLCAM and Chris Slanton decided to work together again. But this time material for recording was granted by Vlad. So, the song ‘In My Wishes’ was born. In this composition besides his usual technical role, Vlad operates as a composer and main producer and also sings all lead-vocals on the track. Single ‘In My Wishes’ is rather a pop song though it has some elements of dance music. The track had good potential. However, due to lack of promotion, the song had no success.

In 2014 label Life Cycle Limited decided to re-release song ‘In My Wishes’. It was re-mixed and re-mastered. The single contains five tracks including alternative versions of the song. For the main single’s track the video clip was filmed. It tells the story about a young man who dreams to live a life he can’t afford to live. It’s a lively and entertaining story which can be interesting to wide audience.